Point of Sale System

Looking for a state of the art point of sale system? We have that!

IMS features a state of the art point-of-sale system

We recommend bar coding all inventory items. This allows the products to be scanned at checkout, speeding up the process and minimizing the time customers spend waiting in line. It also reduces the likelihood of errors because prices are not keyed by the user.

Real time credit card processing takes place from the sales screen, saving users valuable time. There is no need for an additional credit card terminal. The authorization is done from within IMS.

Orders can also be closed using multiple forms of payment.If a customer wants to pay partially with cash and partially with credit card, IMS has that capability. This is very helpful, especially on large ticket items.

An item look up feature can also be enabled. This allows users to perform price checks without having to open an order.

IMS Payment Processing Integrations