Order Processing System

The Sales function of IMS has features both users and management can appreciate.

Order Processing

The Sales function of Integrated Management System (IMS) has features both users and management can appreciate. IMS gives business owners control of the sales process and inventory. IMS has the ability to track costs, calculate sales statistics, and update the cost of goods sold. IMS fits your needs by providing a totally integrated approach for website sales, catalog sales, call centers as well as point of sale operations.

E-mail order confirmation and tracking information is automatically sent to the customer’s email.

Private Drop Ship Users have the option to create a drop ship to the customer from the sales screen with private purchase orders linked to the individual order.

Multiple addresses for shipping and billing are optional.

Credit Card approval takes place on the Sales screen. Companies have the ability to generate, print, and track Gift Cards.

Customer information is updated immediately when an order is closed.

Order History is available on the order screen for each customer.

Order Status Report is a real-time order status screen showing the progress of each order placed during a selected date range.

IMS Order Processing Integrations